Eccentrics and the Amateur Literati Aesthetic Chinese Art

1. Choose a work of art by one of the Eccentrics studied this week from a museum collection in the United States. I’ve provided links to several museum collections below. You must choose your work from an online museum collection and not from Google images.
2. Download a jpeg of your work of art, or take a screenshot of it to include in your response. Make sure we can see your image. In some cases, you can simply copy and paste your image into your response.
3. No two students in your group may choose the same work of art. If another student has already posted about your object, go back to the drawing board!
Once you have chosen your image, please respond to this post with the following:
1. Title of the artwork
2. Artist name
3. What is it made out of? What is the material? If it is a painting, what is the format?
4. Date of work
5. Museum collection
6. Write a formal visual analysis of the work, in your own words. View the Smarthistory video below on how to write a visual analysis. Describe your object in detail. I’m going to be VERY picky about this when I read your posts, so be comprehensive. Describe your work as if your reader can’t see your image. I want to be able to visualize it in all its details. Think about how to describe the composition (describe from bottom to top or from right to left for Chinese painting), subject matter, color, style, and brushwork. This exercise will help you later this semester when we start the museum project.

7. Write a paragraph explaining how your knowledge of the Eccentrics from lectures this week informs your understanding of the museum work. How does your museum work augment your understanding of the Eccentrics? How is the work you chose characteristic of your artist? In your analysis, please demonstrate your knowledge and comprehension of the lectures (show what you have learned using specific details and citing specific examples). You may use works from your study images in your discussion as points of comparison/contrast with your chosen work.


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Approximately 250 words