Apply the principles, role and skills of community development

Major Essay
Assignment 2: Project
This assignment will assess your learning from Weeks 1- 11. The purpose of this assignment is to:
Critically analyse work with communities
Apply the principles, role and skills of community development
This assignment will build on what you learnt in the first assignment. Please review the feedback from your
Choose a community development project from the following
(Note: You cannot use the same community development project as in the first assignment)
Seeds of Affinity
Tjitjiku Tjukurpa (Children’s Dreaming Project)
Welcome West Wagon
James Street Reserve Community Garden
Men’s Sheds (Feel free to find a Men’s Shed in your local area)
Hendrie Street Inclusive Playground
The Pear coffee shop
Orange Sky Laundry
Tjanpi Desert Weavers
29/01/2021 62973 – Major EssayAssignment 2: ProjectThis assignment will 3/4
You must address the following:
1. Briefly describe the community that the project is working with (200 words)
2. Briefly describe the community development project (background, context, goals and aims, and resources,
including funding) (200 words)
3. Briefly describe how the project works towards social justice and empowerment (200 words)
4. Briefly discuss how the project applies community development principles and processes (400 words)
5. On the basis of critical analysis, explain how you as a community development worker, would work
alongside community members on this project, utilising learning from this course to justify your approach
(1000 words)
6. Discuss the community development roles and skills that you would use (400 words)
7. Include a short introduction and conclusion (150 words each)
Provide a clear description of the nature of the community in which the project takes place (including any
elements of structural inequality) so that the reader is able to develop a feel for the needs and opportunities
that may exist
Conduct your critical analysis by systematically examining each of the four elements of CD practice,
principles, processes, roles and skills, as they are applied to the project at hand. Look for clues that might
give away elements of a CD approach if they are not immediately obvious. Most descriptions of projects do
not explicitly articulate the underpinning principles for example but these may be evident in the way in which
the project is being undertaken. You can make an educated guess and acknowledge that this is what you’re
In the final element of this assessment task, you should use your critical analysis of the CD approach to
identify opportunities to build on or to improve aspects of its elements going forward. For example, if the
project does not demonstrate evidence that they have identified community strengths you could suggest a
means of incorporating that. If the project is being driven by outsiders, how could you work with community
to enable members to begin to lead the initiative? If the project looks to be following an ideal CD approach,
how could you build on this to extend the social impact?
You may wish to use language such as “If the community decided that they wished to work towards XYZ, a
community worker might suggest community members identify their strengths, as individuals and as a
community. If community strengths turned out to be ABC, members may identify opportunities to build on
these strengths by XYZ”.
Your paper must be supported by at least 10 – 12 academic references and adhere to Harvard referencing
conventions. Most of these references should pertain to community development.
Please consult the feedback sheet before beginning your essay


Approximately 250 words