YesAfter watching the video “A Civil Action” identify three of the most unethical people and/or organizations.

I need help with a Business Law question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.1. ASSIGNMENT 1 Due: February 5 22:00Turnitin: Yes After watching the video “A Civil Action” identify three of the most unethical people and/or organizations. Write an essay in which you analyze each of the three including why you selected them, what they did which you deemed unethical, the results of their actions, money or results and what should have been done.You are to also identify two entities who/which acted ethically. Tell me what they did and why you consider this ethical.Please be specific and give examples.FORMAT: approximately four to six pages double spaced– using Arial 10 or TimesNew Roman 11ASSUMPTIONS: you may make realistic assumptions to provide further detail to your analysis. You should also consider including ethical principles such as Utilitarianisms, rights, justice and or care.COVER ALL SIDES: Present a careful and thorough analysis of the ethics or lack of ethics.Most good essays will have 5-6 paragraphs:Introduction to your paper and subjects for discussion
Paragraph for each selected entity including what, why, etc., and specific examples
Summary paragraph
GRADING STANDARDS:(1) Thinking: well-organized essay with clear transitions, easy to read;good logical flow, with each point following from the last; intelligentcontent/analysis with no fluff or repetition;(2) Writing: easy-to-read, short sentences, making clear transitions fromone point to the next / one paragraph to the next; correct grammar, punctuation;use of exactly the right words – including prepositions, conjunctions, and longerwords and phrases.The name of any individual providing help or input to this paper must be included with their email address. (tutors, writing lab, etc.)2. Assignment 2Due February 6, 2021Turnitin: YesYou are to select a personal (to you) situation in which you observed (or participated in) an unethical event. Ideally, this situation is current within the past 18 months.Describe the situation/What happened?How were you involved?Who else was involved? What was /were their role(s)?What were the results?How was this unethical?What should have happened?Include:UtilitarianismRightsJusticeCareRationalizationEuphemismsOtherYour analysis should be no more than four pages double spaced. If you need to change the names of any involved individual for legal or ethical reasons, please do so. Please use appropriate type size, ink color and references if appropriate. (10-12, black) Make sure to put your name and number on your work in order to insure I credit you for your work.3.Assignment 3: Ethics in News (about 300words)Due February 6, 2021Please discuss an ethical situation in the news. This should be business oriented, no ploitics here. Tell us what happended, why you selected it, why you think it is unethical, what should have happened, who was harmed and who benefited ( and how).For the purposes of this assignment, condider being ethical as doing the right thing. Select your event from The Boston Globe, Bloombergs BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal or the New York Times.
Requirements: easy-to-read, short sentences, making clear transitions from one point to the next / one paragraph to the next; correct grammar, punctuation


Approximately 250 words