What research question do you have about undergraduate students at Ohio State?

Application Assignment 2:
What research question do you have about undergraduate students at Ohio State?
1) Read the article: What Makes a Good Research Question?
2) Answer the question below and submit your response on Carmen via Dropbox. Please submit a Word or PDF document. Please use 12-point Times New Roman font and double-space your submission. Your answer needs to be between 400-750 words (no exceptions). Title pages and other formalities are not necessary. Simply include your name and Application Assignment 2 at the top of your document, answer the question, and submit it to Carmen via Dropbox.
Be sure to answer all five parts of the question.
Feel free to label your responses 1-5 so it is clear that you addressed all five parts.
First1, state a research question that examines how/why OSU undergrads are affected by some use of social media (e.g., YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.). Then2, briefly argue why your question is interesting and worthy of examination. Then3, explain why a particular research method (e.g., content analysis, experiment, survey) would be appropriate to examine your question. Then4, briefly describe one limitation that your study would have given the research method you are using. Finally5, briefly describe two possible outcomes/results that might occur and why each outcome/result might occur if you were to actually conduct the study (if there is only one plausible outcome of your study then it probably is not a very interesting or necessary study).


Approximately 250 words