Visualizing the Curriculum



Do you agree with the traditional role of instructional media and teachers that the broad educational community has held for the past 100 years; or do you agree with the viewpoints of some professionals in the ID&T field? Why? What do you think the authors of Visualizing the Curriculum (1937) meant when they stated that the value of audiovisual material was a function of their degree of realism? Why do you think this was such an important book at the time? Compare & contrast the Cold War impacts on the development of an instructional design process (IDP) with an instructional design technology (IDT). Which field (IDP or IDT) do you think was more effected by the Cold War? Why? While the private sector and the military have been early adopters, the author notes that the education sector has been remiss in integrating both new technologies as well as new processes for teaching. What is your reaction to that trend? What do you think are the main barriers and how might you see them being overcome going forward? Critical Thinking Questionnaire: Critical Thinking Questions.docx
What assignment was most engaging? Why?
At what moment in this week were you most distant from the class? Why?
Were you confused about any assignment or learning activity?
What surprised you the most this week?
Evaluate your work this week. What assignments and/or activities did you excel in? What could you have improved on?


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