Topic Organisational Excellence Education essay

Write an essay that critiques how to achieve excellence within an school organisation. Be sure to comment on the following

concepts: with the headings below and use diagrams and other visualisation to aid clarity

A3.1 A.3 Business modelling

Analyse how business modelling impacts your organisation’s strategy

A4.1 A.4 Diversity

Analyse the impact of diversity on your organisation’s strategy

A5.1 A.5 Global perspectives

Analyse the impact of global perspectives on your organisation’s strategy

A6.1 A.6 Governance and accountability

Examine the requirements of governance structures and the system for accountability in your organisation

B4.1 B.4 Systems thinking, knowledge/data management, programme management

Analyse systems thinking, knowledge/data management and programme management in your organisation.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Education

Pages: 6/1400

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Approximately 250 words