Therapeutic enzymes and enzyme treatment strategies
Streptokinase is used for what medical purpose?
Compare and contrast steptokinase versus TPA (TPA is more commonly used in the US)?
The addition of aspirin to the streptokinase treatment regimen had a striking effect. Please describe. What is
the mode of action of aspirin versus streptokinase? (You may need to read outside this article to answer this
question but we will briefly cover the mechanism of aspirin in the coming lipid lecture).
Despite streptokinase/TPA coverage in your textbook, what modern treatment method has largely replaced
their clinical use in developed countries? Why do less developed countries still rely on streptokinase?
Enzymes can also be targeted to cancer cells for treatment. Performing a search outside this article, describe
the treatment strategy of antibody directed enzyme prodrug therapy (ADEPT).



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