The Wonderful of Research


1. Find THREE applicable sources regarding the selected series they select—one for each of the categories listed below:
a) Critical/Academic Article or Book Chapter: Peer-Reviewed from Academic Press or Journal
b) Retrospective Popular Article from newspapers, magazines, reviews, interviews, fan pages (written about the series in the years/decades after the series’ original run).
c) Contemporary Popular Article from newspapers, magazines, reviews, interviews (written about the series during its original run).
2. In a short essay students are asked to:
a) Provide a synopsis of the television show;
b) Utilizes the three different sources to discuss how the series was viewed during its original television run (not reruns) and how the television program has been analyzed/discussed in subsequent years;
c) Use at least 2 specific examples from the episode of the series provided to discuss the series’ significance in television history.


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Approximately 250 words