The risk and return characteristics of a stock



Write an investment blog to answer a finance question that interests you (you can decide whether and where to post it later). The report should be 1‐2 pages plus some python data analysis.
Use the tools we learned to access, visualize and analyze data to provide answers to your question and communicate your answers to readers. For the blog/report, try to cover the following points:
1.Motivate your question and provide some background information ‐ why is the question important/interesting.
2.Your test design – how do you want to test your question.
3.Get data – discuss sample selection – is the sample representative of the population. If not, discuss the limitations.
4.Calculate and discuss descriptive statistics, visualize the data – what do you learn from this exercise.
5.Form and state test hypothesis.
6.Test your hypothesis – discuss the proper test statistic and significance level.
7.Interpret your findings and conclude – discuss both statistical and economic significance.
8.Prepare a 5‐10 minutes presentation (ppt will be helpful) to the class. Please keep your discussion concise and to the point. Here are some possible topics. Feel free to explore other questions. 1.Evaluate the risk and return characteristics of a stock, write a stock report based on analyzing historical data



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Approximately 250 words