The Dangers of Biting on a Phish


Write a short “newsletter” article (3 to 5 paragraphs) for the non-technical managers and employees at SifersGrayson to explain the following:
(a) What is Phishing? (Focus on phishing emails and targeted attacks that include spear phishing and whaling.)
(b) What “bad things” can happen when a successful phishing attack gives outsiders access to company
networks and computers?
(c) How can employees avoid “biting” on a “phish?”
(d) How should employees report phishing attacks? Why is immediate reporting critical to stopping the
Since this article is for a newsletter, you may use an informal but professional tone (address the reader as
“you,” use “we” and “our” to refer to the organization’s perspective). The focus of the article should be upon
changing how people think about and respond to computer security incidents. Humor is good but should not
lessen the severity of the problem.


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Approximately 250 words