The book “Gods in Color”

Read the book section from “Gods in Color”
Write a brief (1 page) summary on the content, considering at least some of the following questions:
Why has this been written? Who is the audience, and what are the authors trying to teach them?
How do we know about the ancient colors of statues? What sort of methods are used to investigate this. How much is scientific, and how much is guessing?
This book is part of a museum exhibition catalog. What was the goal of the exhibit? How did it treat the original ancient objects, in comparison to the modern creations they used in display. Do you think the method they used is respectful to the ancient objects? Do their reconstructions give a fair/accurate representation of how the sculptures looked in the past?
If we know so much, why do so many people still think of Greek statues as white marble in appearance?


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Approximately 250 words