The African empire Focusing specifically on your the Topical / or Civilization selection

The African empire I chose was Ashanti
Focusing specifically on your the Topical / or Civilization selection; create an (8) eight-page Paper or PowerPoint reflecting on the historical and cultural aspects of that State, Kingdom of Empire BEFORE European Arrival
Explain some of the things that made these early civilizations special and unique.
In writing an essay describing one of the major kingdoms to emerge in Africa before European Arrival. Write about how the civilization was structured, what made it special, and what made it uniquely African.
What were some of the most substantial changes to occur in Africa over the course of the Sate, Kingdom, Empire? What caused these changes to transpire and what happened as a result of them?
Leadership, Power and Control of the State, Kingdom, Empire
Sociology, Politics, Town,
Trade: political authority and commerce
Organization of the Society (Gender, Clan, Wealth, etc.)
The culture and art of African people expresses values, attitudes, and thoughts which help to represent the products of their past experiences and it also provides a way of learning about their history
The specific State, Kingdom Empire with neighboring groups: the inter-regional connections, political institutions, and the multiplicity of social identities which existed in the African past.
Comparing and contrasting two vastly different historical experiences from distinct cultural regions can be a powerful way to promote comparative thinking and at the same time demonstrate the cultural complexity of the African past experience.
How the information supplied in your essay/ power point reveal that Africa had its own history, culture, and civilization that were equal if not superior that of the imperialists: European and Middle Eastern.
What are the ways that these cultures connected to the outside world prior to 1500? What kind of complex societies developed via these two connections? How do they differ?
essay not power point


Approximately 250 words