Talk about Vaccines.





Let’s talk about Vaccines. In the early 20th-Century, they were viewed as a “miracle of science”. But now at the beginning of the 21st-Century, they have become very controversial.

– Why is this an issue?
– What are the arguments for/against mandatory vaccines?
– Should people be allowed to opt out, and under what circumstances?

Many schools require vaccines for students to attend, and even some countries require proof of vaccination.

– Are these organizations overstepping their authority, or is this really for the public health good? Please cite your sources, even if it’s an example of bad information.



For your assignment:

While no one is immune from all disease, and the natural course of aging, there are many things seniors can do to stay healthy, or slow the progression of disease. (5pts)

1. Create a list of 5-10 practices for healthy aging. (citations expected)

2. These are likely good practices for anyone, but why do you thing these are specifically good for an aging population? What might this help them improve or avoid?

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death for all ages. Complete a quick profile of a specific cancer of your choice. (5pts). Cite your sources.

1. Type of cancer, who’s affected,
2. What are the characteristics (ie symptoms, organs targeted), What is the incidence (how many affected)
3. Is this treatable? What is the survival rate?
4. What lifestyle choices (if any) put people at risk for this cancer?







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