Strategic HR makes sense intuitively

In a 2-3 page paper using APA formatting for references, answer the following questions:

In most organizations, HR is only brought in for informative consultation after the strategic plan is constructed to ensure that the HR team will be able to provide the right number of people, in the right place, with the right training. Such a process is too little, too late and ignores the values which HR can provide to the strategic planning process. Develop an eight stage strategic planning process and identify the critical roles which HR can play during each stage of the process.

Although strategic HR makes sense intuitively, many organizations have a difficult time implementing for many reasons: organizational culture, history, values and management practices can act as disincentives for change initiatives. List seven barriers that influence the implementation of strategic HR. Describe how each will impede the strategic HR process. Why did you identify these barriers to strategic HR? Which barrier(s) have you observed in your current workplace? If you are unemployed, you may use Grantham University as your company choice or us another company of your choosing.

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Approximately 250 words