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The changing nature of work has caused companies and unions to evaluate their philosophies about how they interact with one another. Adversarial relationships between companies and unions are being reshaped by economic forces that make it necessary to improve collaboration in order to achieve mutual success. The need to transform organizations through employee involvement, technology, flexibility in work processes, and high-performance work organizations are driving companies and unions toward new ways of collaborating and negotiating to reach mutual goals that benefit all parties.
Given this background, choose an actual organization or company that is unionized with a well-known union, and conduct an analysis that addresses the following:
·         Select a large company that is unionized with a well-known union, preferably one that has a solid reputation for strong collaboration with the union. Provide a brief summary about the company and the union that you have selected.
·         Analyze the collaborative nature of the relationship between the company and the union in four areas: (1) mutual goals, (2) communication practices, (3) workplace processes, and (4) employee engagement.
·         Evaluate one major benefit and one major challenge that influences the nature of their collaborative relationship.
·         Finally, as a HR professional, develop two recommendations where the HR team can facilitate improvements to collaborative efforts between the company and the union.
Write a 5-7 page paper
You must support your analysis with at least four to six scholarly references,


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