Researchers understanding of the pandemic and games relationship

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Researchers understanding of the pandemic and games relationship

For some researchers, games could instead help to better understand the current pandemic. In 2005, the online video game World of Warcraft experienced a bug with global repercussions: the first virtual pandemic. Modelling the unpredictable. In the case of real epidemics or pandemics, such as that of COVID-19, modelling what happens next is one way of determining which interventions should be prioritised and the risks involved. Mathematical models and computer simulations attempt to reproduce life in society and capture the potential for contagion and the impact on the health system. For Eric Lofgren, an epidemiologist at Washington State University and co-author of the article in the Lancet Infectious Diseases, the creation of fake pandemics in a gaming context could enrich computer simulations by incorporating impulsive or unexpected reactions.

I would like an article which, on a scientific and legal basis, focuses on the potential contribution of video games to the understanding of diseases and epidemics. Can they be used as one would use a scientific study? Are they reliable?

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