Project progress meeting minutes

Purpose of Assignment: To demonstrate the varied purposes, objectives and/or goals the writer desires to achieve across the wide range of writing genres in the construction management profession.
Relevance to the Profession: Construction Managers need to ascertain what specific purpose is associated with the audience and a specific genre of writing, and craft the writing to meet it.  This skill is important to the success of the professional, and will be used by peers and supervisors to evaluate the professional’s performance and effectiveness.
Assignment: Address how the purpose, objective or goal of specific types of writing varies in the following genres of the profession:
    Project progress meeting minutes
  2. Request for information during the bid phase concerning a discrepancy between the plans and specifications in the contract documents
    Letter transmitting a shop drawing to the designer
    Letter to the owner requesting a large change order
    Description of a job-site accident that caused several major injuries to workers
    Analysis of a controversial issue being debated in the state legislature that will have a significant impact on your company’s business operation (e.g., the “Right-to-Work issue in Michigan)
This assignment must be typed, double-spaced using Times New Roman or Arial font size 12.  The overall length must be at least 1,200 words (provide a word count). Use APA (5th or 6th edition) for any references and citations.


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