Presentation of the author training, title (s), main activities, specialization.

I have to make a report of a SCIENTIFIC book of my choice about a genocide. I’ve to write 8 pages : * Presentation of the author: training, title (s), main activities, specialization. * Historical context of the subject: replace it in its historical field (period, concerned space) the subject treated by the book. * Nature of the research: what types of sources did the author use? (archives, bibliography). * Problem: what is the main theme of the book, what is its interest, its stakes? * Summary of the work: by chapter or major part, following the plan adopted by the author. * Main idea (s): thesis (s) defended by the author, that is to say his answers to the problem posed. * Conclusion: historical significance of the main theme (immediate, long term). * Personal reaction: impressions and level of support for the theses of the author. I have considered to do my work about the cambodgien genocide and considered those books : – The Killing of Cambodia: Geography, Genocide and the Unmaking of Space Couverture -James A. Tyner – From Rice Fields to Killing Fields: Nature, Life, and Labor under the Khmer Rouge- James A. Tyner – The Rise And Demise Of Democratic Kampuchea De Craig C Etcheson But it is not obligatory to choose those one.


Approximately 250 words