Preliminary analysis



Based on the Year 5 data in the simulation, provide a preliminary analysis in the following areas that can be
used to steer the company’s strategy over the decision periods 6 – 10 Take Porter’s Generic Competitive
Strategies into consideration when conducting your evaluation.
Product Designs: determine the quality and performance features of the footwear being produced. They impact
production costs by raising or lowering specifications for parts/components, increasing or decreasing annual
expenditures. How might these decisions impact product quality and operations?
Marketing & Promotions per Market: How might these decisions impact wholesale prices and market share?
What type of promotions/advertising/support should be offered in each market?
Labor and Compensation: determine the appropriate work force levels and compensation, training and
productivity improvement. How might these decisions impact productivity in workers? What types of incentives
are available for workers? How will this affect worker loyalty and productivity?
Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship: determine what type of company and environment initiatives
will be in the best interest for the company. How might these decisions impact the product and company
reputation? How important is a company’s reputation in business?
Finance and Cash Flows: determine the financial health of your organization concerning outstanding shares
and debt. How might the company finance expansion and maintain financial health? How will issuing dividends
and or shares of stock impact the financial outlook of the company?






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