Plagiarism video analysis


1. Watch the first video : The video Plagiarism: How to Avoid It, and then answer the following questions:( 3min video)
a. According to this video, what is plagiarism?
b. According to the video, how does a student prevent plagiarism?
2.According to the following articles, Paraphrasing to Avoid Plagiarism Part I ,Preview the document Part IIPreview the document, and Part IIIPreview the document.
a. When does a student cite or source?
b. When does a student not cite a source?
3.Explain the steps for manually inserting a footnote on your Word Document. (read a short article)
4.According to the article HoPreview the document to Write a Chicago Style footnote and BibliographyPreview the document, answer the following:
a. Pick a page in Eric Foner’s textbook, Give Me Liberty!, and write a footnote entry.
b. Write a bibliography entry for Eric Foner’s textbook, Give Me Liberty!
5.Using the given criteria by Dr. Susan Maret, evaluate the credibility of the McDonald’s video.

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Approximately 250 words