Photography OR Digital Art

Respond to ONE of the following discussion prompts:

1. The medium of photography introduced many perspectives on “truth.” Considering both formal appearance and underlying content, choose three artworks that show different notions of “truth” that are relevant to historic or contemporary photography. Is a photograph more truthful than a painting or sculpture? Why, or why not? How has our understanding of truth changed due to the invention of photography? How might people be more skeptical about visual reality based on their experience with photographs in popular culture?
2. “Technology is the imprint of the human mind onto the material substance of the natural world. Like the Renaissance, today’s technological revolution is fueled by a combination of art, science, and technology, and the universal human need to share our individual ideas and experiences in ever-new ways . . . The digital image has become the common language of our time, and through it living artists are once again emerging from the margins of culture to speak directly to the people in the language of their experience” What does Viola mean by this statement? Do you agree or disagree? What examples can you find to support or refute his claims?

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Approximately 250 words