Pet Ownership Among Homeless Youth

Article #1: Pet Ownership Among Homeless Youth:
Q: What other relevant variables could the authors have measured?
Q: Do you think the negatives of having a pet while homeless outweighs the positives? Or vice-versa? What conditions might affect the answer to this question?
Q: Can you think of a better way for the researchers to find homeless youth with pets than how they did it?

Article #2: Was It One of Us?
To clarify: a moderator variable is a variable that specifies the conditions under which an effect occurs (the when); such as if I say a person in front is likely to hold the door for the person coming behind them, but only when that person coming behind is a female. Then gender is a moderator. A mediator variable is a variable that explains and effect. So, in the door holding situation the mediator variable would be the social customs of that society.
Q: With regard to the moderator the authors call “Characteristics of the misconduct” (see p. 169), can you think of other characteristics of the misconduct besides intent that may affect a person’s reaction to that misconduct?
Q: Many Republicans have steadfastly stood by Trump these past several years, while others have jumped ship (see, e.g., Using the findings, the authors recite from other literature (see pages 171 and 173), can you explain what is happening in both of those instances?


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