Pain and comfort


It is very common for older adults to live with some degree of osteoarthritis and pain that it causes (from mild to
severe, disabling pain). It is also more common for the elderly to experience chronic, severe, neuropathic pain
with shingles than younger adults. Review the type of pharmacological and nonpharmacological treatment that
would be recommended for the individual who is experiencing post-herpetic neuralgic pain superimposed on
chronic, nociceptive pain from osteoarthritis.
Step 2
Post a response to the discussion board.
Include the following in your response:
Describe one or two genetic, ethnic, cultural, or lifestyle variations that might necessitate a change in the
customary pharmacological or nonpharmacological management of this type of pain.
Explain how this variation compares with the recommended drug regimens for nociceptive and neuropathic




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