Optimum Way Development, Inc.

You are the manager of a software development team working on new applications for your company, Optimum Way Development, Inc. Your director has called for all development teams to submit product briefs detailing their current projects. The director plans to share the most promising product briefs with clients at an upcoming meeting. You have software design documents for two potential projects.

You must choose one of the potential products and use the information contained in the technical specification document to create your product brief. The brief is intended to explain the new application to potential clients. (Use the personas created for the 2-1 Milestone as the audience for this project.) You should highlight the features that will appeal to clients and persuade them to purchase the new application. Your brief should include the following:

An explanation of the features and functions of the product
Clear definitions of technical terms and concepts that are relevant to communicating the product capabilities
An explanation of the benefits of using the product within an organization
Graphics that support or clarify technical information concerning the product
Appropriate language for the intended audience

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Approximately 250 words