Medical surgical

Write a 2-3-page scholarly paper based on a medical diagnosis below and the patient’s needs (please chose a different diagnosis than the one used last week).

1.Medical diagnosis: Asthma

2.Include at least 2-3 recent, appropriate references (at least 1 must be a scholarly article. Web sites are NOT scholarly references and may not be used). You MAY not cite any part of the nursing diagnosis. Only references that are cited in the paper may be listed on the reference page. Please be sure to cite the 2-3 references using APA 7thedition format in the body of the paper. Also, please be sure to use a separate reference page according to APA 7th edition guidelines.

3.Use scholarly writing style, grammar, APA 7th edition format. This includes clear sentence structure, clarity of thought, organization of content, appropriate use of APA format for source documentation, references, headings, etc. Please review APA

Virtual Clinical Assignmentdocumentation of paraphrased material. Direct quotes should be kept to a minimum, but if used, please utilize APA documentation of direct quotes. Please be sure to proofread your paper for typographical errors. Refer to the APA manual while writing and revising your paper.  

4.Required Level 1 Headings for the paper:

a. Patient Diagnosis and Background. 

b.Patient Needs. 

c.Behavioral Objectives

d. Nursing Diagnosis. 

e.Short- and Long-Term Goals 

f. Interventions and Rationale

g. Plan for Evaluation

h. Conclusion


Approximately 250 words