“Lusus Natura



Read “Lusus Naturae” and review readings and the powerpoint on Point of View. Then complete the following
activity:1. Explain what point of view Margaret Atwood employs in “Lusus Naturae” and include an example to
prove that this is the point of view. Then explain WHY Atwood would use this point of view instead of another.
Finally, based on this Point of View, explain what you need to do to understand the story and do it. please read
“The Birthmark” and review readings and the powerpoint on Plot. Then complete the following activity:2. Your
textbook addresses briefly the element of PLOT in short stories, but its explanation is incomplete. Review the
diagram below and see if you can use your textbook and a dictionary to define each term listed on the diagram
as it relates to plot. Then after reading “The Birthmark” try to use the diagram to explain where (page number
and paragraph number) those features appear in the story. Climax Falling Action,Crisis,Conflict,
Exposition,Rising Action

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