Liberty and Power in the Second American Revolution



Your critical review should have a clear thesis statement which you support with a well-reasoned argument and
valid evidence. To earn full credit, your critical review must be well-written, it must be at least 1250-words in
length, and it must do ALL of the following:
Identify McPherson’s Thesis (e.g. What is the thesis of McPherson’s article?)
Assess McPherson’s Argument (e.g. What is McPherson’s central argument? How does he organize or
structure his argument? Does the argument make sense? Is the argument convincing? Why or why not?)
Assess McPherson’s Evidence (e.g. What are the main pieces of evidence McPherson uses to support his
argument? Does the bulk of the evidence come from primary sources or secondary sources? Do you find that
evidence convincing? Why or why not?)
Evaluate McPherson’s Overall Work (e.g. What is your overall evaluation of McPherson’s article? How has it
helped you understand the subject? What strikes you as noteworthy or significant about the article? Do you
see any flaws? Does it persuade you? Why or why not?)
James McPherson’s, “Liberty and Power in the Second American Revolution,” . Please message me if you
have any questions! 9168034058



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Approximately 250 words