Intro to Earth Science


It’s all about relationships. As you prepare for exam-1, review the content below and formulate relationships
between various concepts. In many cases, don’t memorize, but explain in your own words and develop a
picture in your mind how the concepts work. Most importantly, as you learn the concept and relationship, be
able to explain using the proper terminology. Please make sure you take a look at the probable exam essay
questions at the end of this study guide.
Define the major areas of Earth Science (geology, meteorology, physical oceanography astronomy)
Relationship question: How is Earth science studied? and explain how the method of studying earth science
relates to the major areas of earth science.
Write a brief description describing each step of the scientific method and describe why the scientific method is
important to earth processes.
Relationship questions: Write a “brief” paragraph describing an experience you had where you tried something
and failed. Then you tried again but maybe failed a second time. Finally, after numerous tries, you finally

Using your paragraph, identify statements within your paragraph that use the scientific method steps which
allowed you to find success and explain how a person, more than likely, uses the scientific method to succeed
in life.
Describe the differences between an isolated, closed and open system.
Relationship question: Are you an open, closed or isolated earth system person. Explain why
Describe the for open system spheres that support the earth’s existence.
Relationship questions: Explain how the four open systems relate to how earth science is studied.
Draw a diagram that illustrates an interaction between at least two open systems — Do not use the example in
the lecture presentation
Explain how you interact with each open system.
Describe the meaning of positive and negative feedback mechanisms.
Relationship questions: Explain how positive/negative feedback relate to how earth science is suddied.
Provide an example of earth processes that demonstrate a positive / negative relationship — Do not use the
example in the lecture.
What is meant by chemical differentiation and the concept of density
Relationship questions: How does a shkened container filled with vegetable oil, plastic beads, copper BB’s,
wood chips and marshmallows relate to our earth’s interior?
How does chemical differentiation of our earth’s interior explain the origin of the earth?
Why are you taking the Earth Science course?
Relationship questions: How will completing this class and learning about your earth change your views of your
Although you are probably not majoring in earth science, how will you use this knowledge you learne

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