Interactive map

Pick a building at with the interactive map ( and discuss how you think it does (or does not) reflect its mission as an educational structure. You can choose the interior or the exterior (or both) of any building on campus. What does this assignment have to do with Renaissance art? Well, in our first few classes we’re looking at how public, governmental, and religious space shaped the Renaissance world. Think about how in our own lives buildings affect our mood, behavior, and accomplishments. How does the UTD building you’ve chosen define the educational experience that goes on within it? How would you compare that building to other types of educational buildings you’ve either been inside (your high school, a building on the SMU campus, etc.) or seen in movies (Oxford, Harvard, UCLA)? Most of UTD’s buildings are in a style especially prevalent in the 1960s known as Brutalist. How do you think your chosen building’s style matches or undermines your educational experience?

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Approximately 250 words