In 2016 3

In 2016, a French utility company, ENGIE, appointed a new CEO, Isabelle Kocher. Kocher came up with a 3 year plan with the goal of re-inventing the company and becoming leader of the world energy transition. This case study is meant to first, give a brief background on the company at hand. So, what they do and how they do it (around 200 words) Secondly, analyse the competitive landscape of the company. (around 400 words) Then, give a brief summary of what the situation was for the company before Isabelle Kocher was appointed as CEO. Were they in a situation where they needed change? (Around 500 words) Then, analyse the 3 year plan and its execution, year by year. What exactly did they do? What were their aims? How did they do it? Were they ahead of schedule or behind? Finally, was it successful? This part is the most important part of the project. (2500-3000 words)


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Approximately 250 words