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In Chapter 2 of ISMG (Module 1) you read about strategy and technology. In this module, in Chapters 9, 10 of ISMG, you learned that there are several enterprise systems / software. You also read about the concepts of cloud computing and open source software.
For the “Discussion 2 Forum”, read the scenario below and answer the question:
“Imagine that you are an IT / IS manager in an organization. Your organization is planning to implement a new ERP system. You have two options – a cloud based solution offered by a reputed vendor and an open source product used by many competitors. You are responsible for making the decision. Which one will you choose and why? Provide at least three specific reasons to justify your choice.”
Support your answer with appropriate sources as needed.
(Note: References will not be counted in the word count, you can use any format MLA / APA. See the supporting guide on how to add citations in Word document in Module 2 if needed). 

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