How do Cuban American

1. How do Cuban American college students’ experiences at PWIs shape their sense of belonging? 2. What factors promote or hinder their development of a sense of belonging? Step 1. Create 3 working assertions/claims (1-2 sentences each) about a pattern you found on the quotes provided that help to answer the research questions. Step 2: Write 2 pages per theme in a narrative format that explain the theme you have identified and the evidence (quotes provided) that warrants your theme. The theme is your finalized assertion, based on your working assertion, as to what you found in the data through coding. First, describe what the theme is you identified in detail. Then, present key evidentiary warrants (quotes provided) that help to illustrate your theme, and explain how the evidentiary warrants are evidence of the existence of your theme. You should also briefly discuss (2-3 sentences) any disconfirming evidence (Theme #3 has two) and why your theme is still merited in light of this evidence. IMPORTANT: Please cite evidence in the form of direct quotations and paraphrased quotations to support your assertion that the theme exists. It is very important that you interpret the supporting evidence and quotations in your writing; reference the quotation contents when you describe for the reader what the quotation is saying. You are helping to describe why the quotations/paraphrased information you provided helps support and justify the common theme that you identified across participants


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