How can nature impact/help human happiness and well-being

This paper will be about “How can nature impact/help human happiness and well-being”
The research paper will synthesize the research findings on this topic (in its first section) and then discuss and analyze those findings (in its second section). In the second section, you will be entering into the “conversation” about the point you have researched. Some questions you will want to consider as you proceed: in what ways is the research clear cut? In what ways is it contradictory? In what ways is it not clear at all? What issues does it not address? This analysis, or critique, need not be argumentative in the sense of being an attack—it should be questioning and examining in nature.
After you have done that, the final task will be to discuss the implications of what your study has been able to determine, about what a reader might learn about the connection between your selected topic and increased happiness. What should anyone learn from this (not just you)? And lastly, your final paragraph will attempt to lay out a specific plan of how you personally will try to apply this knowledge now to yourself, to increase your own happiness.

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Approximately 250 words