Healthcare Policy And Financial Management

IMPORTANT: Please review faculty announcements for guidance with this assignment.
All health care organizations THAT PROVIDE DIRECT PATIENT CARE must be aware of cost controls, regardless of nonprofit or for-profit status. Managing costs at all levels of the organization affects the bottom line, which has a direct effect on all aspects of the organization. This assignment is designed to help you analyze why organizational policies are put in place.
Find a facility-specific policy at a health care organization THAT PROVIDES DIRECT PATIENT CARE related to cost controls.
Summarize the details of the organizational policy:
When was the policy put in place?
Was it adopted system-wide, in one department, or multiple departments?
What does the policy address?
What are potential ramifications of not following the policy at the organizational level? Unit level? Individual level?

Explain how the policy impacts fiscal aspects of the organization:
How does the policy act as a cost control?

Describe how the policy impacts the quality of patient care:
Does the policy improve efficiency?
Are the goals to improve care and reduce cost?

Explore the unintended consequences:
What secondary affects does the policy have on the organization? Unit? Staff? Patient?
Does the policy need revision?

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Approximately 250 words