Health risks

Travis is a public relations consultant for the local mayor’s office. A large part of his job involves advising the mayor’s staff on public opinion and assisting in preparing public speeches for the mayor himself. Recently, the city has seen a fierce debate over the state of the city’s water system. The majority of the mayor’s office (including the mayor) is against appropriating funds to overhaul the city’s water system, while many community leaders favor it. Travis and the mayor’s office have recently been given an independent study that indicates there will be significant health risks to the population if renovations are not made to the city’s antiquated water system; however, the mayor is preparing to deliver a speech that states the exact opposite of the study. Travis faces an ethical dilemma: Should he discredit the mayor’s speech and risk losing his job, or say nothing and attempt to dissuade the mayor without revealing that the speech contained false information?


Approximately 250 words