Foundation of Organizational Leadership



Text book
Northouse, P. G. (2019). Leadership: Theory and practice (8th ed.).
chapters 4 and 5
Use Figure 5.1 Situational Leadership II in Northouse to analyze your leadership challenge. Where does the
follower fall on the development level continuum (D1 to D4)? Based on this, which leadership style is most
appropriate (S1 to S4)? Compare this assessment with your results on the Situational Leadership
Questionnaire at the end of chapter 5. Is your preferred leadership style most effective for this situation? If not,
what specific actions (derived from this model) might you take?
Using Figure 4.1 The Leadership Grid in Northouse, assess the need for “concern for results” and “concern for
people” in your leadership challenge. Compare your assessment with your results on the Style Questionnaire
at the end of chapter 4. Will your current leadership style(s) address this situation? Is there a style that would
be more effective?

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