Final Project. In this proposal, you are introducing the brand you will analyze for the Final Project.

Need help with my Marketing question – I’m studying for my class. For your initial essay, prepare a proposal for your Final Project. In this proposal, you are introducing the brand you will analyze for the Final Project. The proposal should address the organization’s mission, business model, and value proposition. It should briefly describe one or more target markets pursued by the brand. It should also include a proposed strategic opportunity (e.g., marketing development, market penetration, product development, or diversification) that will be the basis for establishing the recommendations you will make in the final project (refer to pages 164 to 167 of the text for details on the strategic opportunities). The proposal should be approximately 1000 words and be organized with headings and sub-headings. You may use bullets and tables to organize your content. In your replies, consider requesting additional details, contributing additional information, or sharing relevant experiences with the organization. Remember to cite your sources using APA format. Essay Discussion RubricEssay Discussion RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeComprehension30 points30 to >27.0 ptsExemplaryDevelops an initial post addressing the assignment with an organized, clear point of view or idea using rich and significant detail that expresses understanding and mastery of the module content (100%).27 to >21.0 ptsProficientDevelops an initial post that addresses the assigned prompt with a point of view or idea using appropriate detail that suggests module content was comprehended (90%).21 to >0.0 ptsNeeds ImprovementDevelops an initial post with a point of view or idea that addresses the assigned prompt but with some gaps in organization and detail that suggest module content was not mastered (70%).0 ptsNot EvidentDoes not develop an initial post relevant to the assigned prompt with an organized point of view or idea; Initial post does not show understanding of module content (0%).30 this criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCritical Thinking20 points20 to >18.0 ptsExemplaryProvides logic, reasoning, and references to support opinion; elaborates with details based on personal experience and reading of secondary source material (100%).18 to >14.0 ptsProficientDraws informed conclusions that are justified with evidence from reference material (90%).14 to >0.0 ptsNeeds ImprovementLogical conclusions are stated but lack support in the form of examples and evidence based on reference sources (70%).0 ptsNot EvidentDoes not draw logical conclusions; provides no details or logical support (0%).20 this criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting and Mechanics20 points20 to >18.0 ptsExemplaryGood grammar; minimal to no spelling errors; generally well written and communicated in a professional manner; APA formatted references provided (100%).18 to >14.0 ptsProficientGenerally well-written in a professional manner but with some typographical, spelling, grammatical, and/or referencing errors that do not harm reader’s comprehension (90%).14 to >0.0 ptsNeeds ImprovementMay contain grammatical, spelling, typographical, and/or referencing errors, so as to interfere somewhat with the reader’s comprehension (70%).0 ptsNot EvidentGrammatical, spelling, typographical, and/or referencing errors are significant (0%).20 this criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEngagement20 points20 to >18.0 ptsExemplaryHighly engaged with 3 or more threads contributed; a valued member of the discussion; Contributes meaningful and relevant, substantive replies that extend course understanding of concepts (100%).18 to >14.0 ptsProficientMeets minimum requirement plus replies are relevant and meaningful (90%).14 to >0.0 ptsNeeds ImprovementMeets minimum requirement for base participation; Provides responses that are superficial in nature (70%).0 ptsNot EvidentDoes not meet the minimum requirement for discussion participation (0%).20 this criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTimeliness10 points10 to >9.0 ptsExemplarySubmits on time, prior to the deadline (100%).9 to >7.0 ptsProficientSubmits on time, prior to the deadline (90%).7 to >0.0 ptsNeeds ImprovementSubmits initial post one day late (70%).0 ptsNot EvidentSubmits initial post two or more days late (0%).10 total Points:
Requirements: APA | Essay | 2 pages, Single spaced


Approximately 250 words