Evaluate my brother Arthur for this project. Choose ONE target behavior/feeling/thought of my brother that you
will attempt to change.
2. Choose an intervention that will assist you in making that change
3. Define the target behavior/feeling/thought that you attempt to change in measurable terms by creating two
measurable indicators (can be measured by frequency, magnitude, or duration), e.g. ounces of soda in a day.
4. Your indicator(s) must be specific enough to be measured and can be measured frequently. Select a
behavior or thought that has the potential to have a wide range of values, not just if it happens or not (yes/no).
5. Create a graph with X and Y axes. The Y axis will measure your operationalized indicator for each attempt
(what happened with that behavior/feeling/thought), the X axis will measure what day/trial this happened. I will
circulate an excel file for you to plot the graph.
6.Take baseline measures for at least 5 days every day/times of your operationalized indicator.
7. After baseline, implement an intervention that is aimed at changing your target behavior/feeling/thought, and
continue to measure it for at least 10-12 days to track the changes.
Background 1 page
Briefly describe your study focus. Describe, in general terms, the current challenge that this single subject
design is focused on improving (what changes are you seeking, and why?)
Methods 2 pages
Describe the target behavior/feeling/thought that you are seeking to change. Justify why you want to address
this target behavior/feeling/thought.
Describe how you operationalize this target behavior/feeling/thought into an indicator (frequency, magnitude,
and duration). Justify why you operationalized this indicator in this way (for example, why frequency rather than
magnitude; did you create a scale to measure magnitude, etc.?)
Describe your intervention. What is your step-by-step intervention plan? Describe any challenges you have
encountered (e.g., difficulties sticking to the intervention plan, frustration, self-consciousness, etc.).
Describe any positive experiences related to the intervention that occurred while conducting the intervention
Findings/Results — Suggested length: 1 page for data and graph and 1 page for narrative summary
Paste the data to create a graph from your excel file.
Summarize your findings – report the scores for baseline and intervention and compare the averages; note any
significant changes or trends visually from the graph. Did you achieve your goal; was there any improvement in
your targeted behavior/feeling/thought? What factors may influence the results?
Discussion— Suggested length: 1 page
What were the strengths and weaknesses of your project in terms of research design (AB), intervention, and
data collection methods? Why? Were there any reliability or validity/reactivity problems?
Would you say your intervention was successful or not? Why or why not?
Conclusion 1 page
What was your overall evaluation of this experience? Did you like the experience? Do you think it was an
effective way to make a change in someone/your life? What were the benefits and burdens of using this type of
intervention for you? Now that you have practiced this type of research design, what are your thoughts on its



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