Excel Mortgage

1. Create a database from Butler’s spreadsheet that does not have any of the data anomalies. To test the database, prepare a query to show which borrowers (both borrower number and name) took out loans from Excel Mortgage and who the appraiser was for each loan. 2. Identify the Primary and Foreign Keys in each of the tables you have created 3. Identify the relationships among the tables4. From the database you have created in MS Access, perform the following queries a) Which borrowers use Advent Appraisers? b) What is the average amount borrowed from National Mortgage? c) List all of the property appraisers. d) List all of the lenders. e) List the lenders that lent more than $100,000. f) Which borrower requested the largest mortgage? g) Which borrower requested the smallest mortgage?


Approximately 250 words