Evaluating Your Intervention Plans Begin your evaluative essay by describing how single-subject ex

Evaluating Your Intervention Plans:
Begin your evaluative essay by describing how single-subject experimental designs are used in behavior analysis to evaluate interventions. Include one reason why single-subject designs are considered superior to group designs in evaluating behavior change. Then, describe your evaluation plan for the two intervention plans you selected.
Each evaluation plan must include:
The measurement system you are using to collect data on what specific behavior(s). Include the operational definitions.
How often you are collecting data
Who is going to collect that data
The research design you are using to evaluate your treatment
An explanation of why that research design was the best choice
How the research design would demonstrate functional control of the intervention over the behavior(s).
Describe how you will know if your treatment was effective – what would a visual analysis of the graphed data show? You do not need to create a graph, but you should describe what your graph would show if your treatment were effective.
Your answers to the prompt above should consist of information from the text and supplemental readings. Your primary sources should be the readings assigned for the course, but you also may use sources from the Library or other credible Internet sources.
Your written assignment should be written in essay format with complete sentences. A clear viewpoint and purpose should be established and maintained throughout your evaluative essay. Your writing should be in Standard English with correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Summarize a concept, theory or research
Use direct quotes from the text or articles
Writing Requirements and Assignment Guidelines
Your Assignment should be a 6-page evaluative essay, not including the Title and Reference pages, and should include the following elements:
Title page: Provide your name, title of Assignment, course and unit number, and date
Body: Answer the questions in complete sentences and paragraphs
The assignment must be written in Standard English and demonstrate superior organization, including a highly developed viewpoint and purpose. The communication of your thoughts must be highly ordered, logical, and unified, displaying exceptional content, organization, style, and mechanics (including the use of correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure).
Reference Page: Sources in APA format
Use Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced
Use 6th Edition APA Formatting and Citation style

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Begin your evaluative essay by describing how single-subject ex appeared first on The Writer.


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