Ethics in Advanced Practice


Case Study:
Mr. John Smith has just shared with you that he had a brief affair with a woman he met in a bar while he was away on a two-week business trip. On one occasion, he had too much to drink and reported having sexual intercourse without protection. Since he returned home, one week ago, he reports having sexual intercourse with his wife on at least two occasions. His wife had a tubal ligation two years ago after their second child was born, omitting the need for condoms or other birth control. He is happily married and denies ever cheating on his wife until his recent indiscretion. He feels ashamed but is now worried if he tells his wife then she will try to attempt suicide like she has in the past. His wife has a history of Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety and Borderline Personality Disorder. Mr. Smith reports that after his affair, he found out that he tested positive for both gonorrhea and chlamydia, was treated and did not tell his wife. Briefly discuss this scenario and describe how it relates to the ethical principles.

1. Describes the ethical dilemma and how you would handle this case as an advanced practice nurse.
2. Apply Daniel Fund Ethics Principles (see attached document).
3. Apply ANA Code of Ethics (See attached document).

• A similar case is provided as an example (they provide the answers); the exception is that they used the AMA Code of Medical Ethics. For this assignment, use the ANA Code of Ethics (provided)
• The Daniel Fund Ethics Principles & the ANA Code of Ethics must be used.
• Use APA 7 format. Paper free of grammatical errors and typos. Concise writing with complete sentences.
• In all, the goals of this assignment are to:
a) Identify moral conflicts in a case scenario, b) apply Daniel Fund Ethics Principles to identified conflicts, c) and reflect on own moral code when faced with an ethical dilemma.

The following articles are food for thoughts and may be useful:
Barlow, N., Hargreaves, J. & Gillibrand, W. (2017). Nurses’ contributions to the resolution of ethical dilemmas in practice. Nursing Ethics, 20, 1-13.
Pavlish, C., Brown-Saltzman, K., Hersh, M., Shirk, M., & Rounkle, A. (2011). Nursing practice, actions, and regrets for ethical situations in clinical practice. Nursing Scholarship, 43(4), 385-395.


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