Email A Persuasive Request



Content: You will practice asking someone to speak to your organization/business at an annual meeting,
retreat, or other large-scale gathering. Remember: The business/organization I’m referring to is the one from
your Business Overview.
Think of a real person who could be a good motivational or informational speaker for your
Points to consider:
Why is this person a good fit for speaking to your business/organization?
What motivates you to ask this person to speak?
What can you offer, do, or say to persuade this person to speak at your meeting?
What can you do to make it very hard for this person to say “no?”
Draft, organize, and format your message in a way that helps your reader understand
What your meeting is about
Why you think they’re who you’re looking for to speak
What you can do to help them say “yes”
Remember to include appropriate opening and closing statements. .



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Approximately 250 words