Discuss hurdles or obstacles in making cheese such as water activity, pH, and microbial growth.


In the Introduction, give a hint of what will be discussed in the rest of the report.

Provide background information on all mention below:

Discuss what milk is made up of, because cheese comes from milk (research and mention these things: fats, fat Gobules, casein, plasma phase, and proteins that are in the milk and cheese)

Discuss in report what cheese is made up of.

Discuss the background of Curd, Acid Curding(around pH of 4.6), Renneting, Fermentation of cheese

Mention cheese being a flavor enhancer in the lab report (how it adds flavor and makes dishes taste great and how varieties of cheeses are categorized by their flavor and texture)

Discuss hurdles or obstacles in making cheese such as water activity, pH, and microbial growth.

Mention that cheeses that have salt added in them, last longer because it cuts down on microbial growth ( find a place to discuss this information)

Use citation and references on all information found.

Mention at the end of the Introduction what will be done in the lab experiment today with making Ricotta cheese.


The objectives should briefly and specially state the purpose of the lab experiment for making Ricotta cheese.

State what you are trying to do in the experiment of making the Ricotta cheese( for example: mention that you are carrying out this procedure and explain what procedure in order to get a result). “What is the Goal in Mind for this experiment”.

Food Science Principles:

Explain the science principles explode during this lab experiment on making Ricotta cheese.

Outline the general process being studied in cheese making, especially Ricotta cheese.

Use citations and references to back up information found on making Ricotta cheese .


Include in lab report from the recipe sheet sent over


Include in lab report from the recipe sheet sent over (mention in this section that before the lab started, we had to make sure that all equipment and supplies were properly sanitized with vinegar as a kill step)

When making cheese, you don’t want to introduce any new microorganisms so you have to sanitize everything, because anything you use to make cheese can create new microorganisms. We sanitize the cheese cloths, jars and lids, colander, and anything that came in contact with the cheese.

Methods: Your Variations

Explain which variations were carried out in this experiment of making Ricotta cheese and report any variations done in the experiment from the basic instructions

Results: Include all the details about the Ricotta cheese from my notes in this section.

Provide Observations.

Discuss the consistency in the Ricotta cheese.

Provide pictures of the Ricotta cheese properly labeled to support results.
Evaluation of the whole experiment using your data.

Talk about color : Describe color thinking about the 64 colors in a crayon box. Be specific with color!

Talk about clarity: Describe what does it look like; example: cloudy, milky, crystalized, etc.

Evaluate other aspects of color and appearance; using other ways to explain how it looks.

Evaluate Aroma: Describe 3 Aroma notes in the report.

Evaluate taste: Describe several Taste notes in the report (flavors: example: sour, salty, bitter, mouthfeel (how does the Ricotta cheese feel in the mouth when tasting.


Use some of the background information you found on cheese making from the

Introduction here along with information in the results section and tie it all in together to have a good discussion.

Make sure to discuss the necessary information behind making cheese and also in this case making No-rennet Ricotta cheese. And incorporate all the key results into this section.

Discuss the kill step in cheese making and, in this lab, and the role it plays. Here is where you can also discuss water activity, pH, and microbial growth.

Use citation and references to back up information and findings related to this lab.

Explain what you learned from this experiment of making Ricotta cheese.

Explain how your objectives were met during this experiment (you should refer back to the objectives and make sure each of them was met during the lab experiment and write-up).

The lab report should read straight forward.

Compare my Ricotta cheese to other Commercial Ricotta cheese products as far as appearance, texture, taste, smoothness, creaminess, and consistency. Here provides some survey-based research with my Ricotta cheese and other Ricotta cheese (professor wants to see this in the report. Maybe in a bar graph or table. I will send pictures of the product so you can evaluate it .


List references at the end of the Lab Report.

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Approximately 250 words