Discriminant Analysis

Part1. Using Green and Salkind (version 7e), Lesson 35, complete exercises 1 – 8.
Conduct a discriminate analysis to distinguish research scientists from teaching professor monguls.
• Include the output that includes the research scientist group mean number of publications; grant money
univariate ANOVA F statistic
• the discriminant function c2.
• Identify the correctly classified percentage of research scientists;
• the overall correctly classified professor monguls and research scientists.
• Identify the predictor variables that contribute the most to discriminating between the professor monguls and
research scientists.
• Create a combined groups plot that displays the classification of the two groups.
The data for Exercises 6 through 8 are in the data file named lesson 35 Exercise File 2
Conduct a discriminate analysis to determine if both discriminate functions should be interpreted. Be sure to
show your results.
• Interpret the discriminant function or functions.
• Write a results section based on your analysis in APA style.
Part 2. In two or three paragraphs, explain what the Box’s M, the canonical correlation, the Chi-square,
standardized canonical discriminant function coefficients, structure matrix, and the classification statistics mean
and how they are interpreted.


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