Define and Discuss racism in America.

In total, you must submit a minimum of 1,000 words.
Why is the culture of slavery so important to understanding the current culture/conditions of Blacks in the USA?
Define and Discuss racism in America.
Who can be racist in America and why?
Why is it so hard to remove racism from the psyche and cultural fabric of America?
3. Due to the Compromise of 1877, what were the consequences for African Americans during Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and beyond?
Your discussion board posts and responses should be substantive in nature and demonstrate that you have completed the assigned TEXTBOOK CHAPTERS.
Your posts and responses MUST be supported by evidence from your assigned TEXTBOOK CHAPTERS ONLY.
Required Textbook:  Phyllis A.  Gray, 2012, From Imagining to Understanding the African American Experience, Kendall Hunt, Publisher.
DB Question – Discuss your reaction to C. Wright Mills’ “The Promise”


Approximately 250 words