Corporate Social Responsibility



In this video, Simon Sinek has a quick way to review the validity of an organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility by comparing their CSR activities with the rest of their business. Select an organization. It could be one you worked for in the past or present or one you are just curious about. Go to their website and find where they share information about their Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Make sure the organization you choose has this information available. If not, you will need to choose another organization. Then, watch Simon Sinek’s video.

After watching the video and choosing an organization, write a paper as if you are writing a report to your HR/Training supervisor. Your paper should be no more than two pages. The paper must be in APA format, you must cite your sources. Using language common within the HR/Training field responding to these questions:

What are your initial thoughts about this organization’s CSR activities? Do you think they are a valuable way to attract and retain talented employees? Why or why not?
If you were an HR/training professional in this organization, how would you tout/publicize these CSR activities so employees are aware of what their organization does or how they can get involved so that these types of activities boost retention and connection with the organization?
Was there anything that really stuck out to you or surprised you about the organization you researched?


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Approximately 250 words