Consumer loyalty



Characteristics of consumer loyalty: influence of brand image vs product attributes – a study of hand soap brands in the United Kingdom

Aim of the research:

To determine which impact has more significance to consumer loyalty: brand image or product attributes in a context of hand soap brands in the United Kingdom.

Research question:

Which impact, brand image or product attributes have a more significant effect on consumer loyalty, when it comes to choosing a hand soap brand?

Structure of the paper:

0. Abstract
1. Introduction
2. Literature review
3. Methodology
3.1 Research Philosophy
3.2 Research Approach
3.3 Research Strategy
3.4 Research Methods
3.5 Questionaire
3.6 Sampling
3.6.1 Sample size
3.7 Reliability
3.7.2 Validity
3.8 Data analysis
3.9 Ethics
3.10 Limitations of research approach/methods





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Approximately 250 words