Company Profile and Industry Overview

Phase II: Company Profile and Industry Overview
Company Profile
This is an overview of your organization including who is involved and the scope of what the company does.
Type of Organization
Name of Organization
Hours of Operation
Scope of Service Line
Clients Served
Location of clinics/services
Description of Business
Industry Overview
this is an analysis of the industry and economy in which the organization operates
it demonstrated a current understanding of industry characteristics and trends
a trend is a definite, predictable direction of events
Conduct this type of research using secondary data sources
See the below areas that should be covered in the industry overview and the chapters where you can review the subjects:
Overall Business or Client Trends and Opportunities
Social changes – Chapter 3
Economic reimbursement changes – Chapter 3
Demographic changes – Chapter 3
Health care delivery changes – Chapter 3
Regulatory/political changes – Chapter 3
Key success factors in your segment of the industry – Chapter 3
Barriers to entry in your segment of the industry – Chapter 2
Barriers to exist in your segment of the industry – Chapter 2
Essentials of Health Care Marketing 9781284094312 Eric N. Berkowitz Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Reference for book:
Berkowitz, E. N. (2022). Essentials of health care marketing. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.


Approximately 250 words