company advertising plans and target audience strategies.

Examine different company advertising plans and target audience strategies. As consumers it is important to understand why the company targets certain populations and how the product appeal influences our emotions.

Think of an advertised product or service that is targeted specifically to your demographic or lifestyle. How effective is the advertiser at getting into your head and figuring out what you think and how best to influence you? If you were an account planner for that product or service, could you have done a better job? What would you have done differently?

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Arens & Schaefer: Chapters 6, 7
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Companies develop elaborate plans to capture and retain market share. The role of the customer is vitally important for additional revenue, but also for public image. Companies strive to embrace IMC to help build long-term customer relationships.

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Select a local business (e.g. a retailer, restaurant, bank, hospital, movie theater, etc.) and recommend several relationship marketing tactics. Describe how that business could use IMC to enhance its customer relationships.

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