Communication to Stakeholders

Considering your program evaluation, your research questions, and your data set, complete the following:
• Write one program-evaluation question that can be answered by a t-test, one program-evaluation question that can be answered by an ANOVA, and one program-evaluation question that can be answered by a correlation.
o Identify the IVs and the DVs for each question and describe how the variables are related to the program evaluation.
o Identify the null and alternative hypothesis for each question.
• Using SPSS and your saved data set, use the appropriate statistical analysis to determine whether to accept or reject each null hypothesis.
o Create a technical report that includes each research question, the null and alternative hypothesis, and whether the null hypothesis was accepted or rejected.
o Include appropriate graphs and tables.
• Provide a discussion that suggests possible reasons for the results.
o Hint: Refer to the “SPSS in Focus” sections throughout the text for information about reporting the statistical results.
• Review the potential ethical issues you proposed in the Unit 4 assignment. Were these likely? Do you suspect other ethical issues in regard to data collection or analysis?
• Detail at least three recommendations for the program stakeholders based on the results.



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Approximately 250 words